Give your students a way to refer quality candidates! 

With Magma, your students have an opportunity to refer candidates from their entourage and have the tools to support them with the admission process.

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A better candidate experience

With our platform, candidates will benefit from personalized support, maximizing the chances of success and encouraging the decision to join the school.

A simple, transparent and automated referral program

Thanks to Magma, give your students a tool to become your school’s ambassadors and a simple way to talk about your campus everywhere.

Engagement methods which work

Our methods to involve your students are inspired by many community engagement processes. This is the foundation of Magma’s success at our partner campuses.

Product features


Magma allows you to animate and communicate with your student community by getting them to support future students.


Our content has been designed by educational engineers to support students with soft skills(networks, communication, teamwork, adaptability, creativity, etc.).


Sponsorship creates a link between current students and candidates. By coaching them, they create a relationship of trust that will last even after the start of the school year!


Magma provides analytical data on the performance of your referral program and we work with you to optimize it. 


Our technology works with your other admission applications (CRM, ERP, etc.), to simplify data management across your entire software ecosystem.

GDPR Compliant

Magma has been respectful of its users’ data privacy from day one. Beyond GDPR, we do everything in our power to ensure that users’ data is safe and secure for everyone.