Attract more and better students.

Magma enables campuses to attract top new students by leveraging their communities' network through a referral program app. 

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"Magma’s performance has exceeded our expectations"

In lessthan 5 months, Magma's performance has exceeded our expectations. Students lovethis campus initiative and are happy to refer candidates. We are excited tocontinue working with Magma for the next school year.

Alexandre martini
Campus Director, Campus St Marc

A campus referral program made easy

From dedicated campaigns to reward management, Magma helps you source the best candidates through your students’ networks.

Engagement programs

Performances analytics

Customized to your admission process

We turn your students into ambassadors 

With Magma, your students have everything they need to become ambassadors of your campus and get actively involved with your hiring goals.

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The best students are referred

A candidate referred and coached by a student is 8x more likely to choose and join your campus.

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Don’tchange your process: our technology works with your other HR applications (ATS,CRM, ERP), to simplify data management across your software ecosystem.