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Connect candidates with your best ambassadors. Create unique relationships that impact your recruitment.

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Create your unique recruitment experience that candidates love

Let candidates meet your team

Candidates acquisition

Let candidates explore your organization with an ambassador. Applying has never been easier: one click, one match, one meeting!

Meaningful relationships

Provide candidates with the opportunity to immerse themselves in your organization with an ambassador. And empower them to choose to join you!

Diversity and Culture fit

Foster diversity and inclusion by connecting candidates with employees who share their backgrounds. The best way to showcase your culture and values!

Onboarding experience

Streamline integration and foster connections during the early days. Don't miss out on the first impression —let your ambassadors guide new hires!


Engage candidates with a unique relationship

The easiest way to engage your candidates. 95% of candidates want to connect with an employee during their recruitment process. With just one click, find the best ambassador to showcase your environment.

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Build your ambassador community

A complete suite to recruit, manage, and organize your community marketing strategy. Easy to implement, our solutions empower you to engage your top employees in every action you take. Your ambassadors will always be by your side.

Custom experience

Unique tailored campaign

A customized experience tailored to your brand, use cases, and needs. Create your own matching algorithm based on your criteria, targets, and scenarios.


Integrated to your experience

A seamlessly integrated experience with your existing tools and processes. No need to start from scratch, our solutions complement your current tools. Whether it's ATS, CRM, or ERP, we connect with all market-leading tools.

Launch your first ambassador campaign!

Don't wait any longer! Unleash the power of your ambassadors in your recruitment efforts.

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Like OpenClassrooms, convert 3x more talent!

“Applicants matched convert better than all our other acquisition channels. With Magma we divided by 2 the time in our recruitment process and convert up to 5x more than our previous funnel. Definitively our ambassadors changed the way we recruit new candidates.”


Recruit better with your employees

Your employees are the best ambassadors for your company. Let them meet candidates, engage in conversations, share their experiences, and explain your values. It's 10x more impactful than an employer branding video!

Higher Education

Engage your students in recruitment

Your students are the best ambassadors for your institution. Let them meet candidates, show them around the campus, present the programs, and share their experiences. It's 10x more impactful than participating in a fair!

Adaptive solutions

We have developed solutions that adapt to your needs and various actions.

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