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Meet your future

Connect your community members to support each other. Build your own program to help people to progress with your helpers community. 

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Create your support community

Thanks to the Magma application you can build and develop your helper community. From a recruitment campaign to actions follow-up, our platform is a complete suite to manage your volunteer community.


Build your own support flow

Discovering, onboarding, coaching, mentoring, create your own program to offer to your members a way to be helped by a peer. Step-by-step, you can create the best flow to guide them to success.

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Connect members to help each other

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Matching Algorithm
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Custom criteria that fit with your needs
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Relationship Management

Integrated to your touch points

We integrate with your tools to simplify end-to-end profile management. CRM, ERP, ATS, community applications, alumni platforms or in-house tools, our technology integrates easily with our API.

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What our customers are saying

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Magma has allowed us to structure and amplify the word of mouth at Campus Saint Marc. By far the most important source of enrollment in our school!

Photo of Alexandre Martini Campus Saint Marc
Alexandre Martini
Campus Director
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Magma helps us to develop our student support program with professionalism and kindness. Useful for our objectives, our brand and our way of working on this topic!

Photo of Nicolas Gourdou ISCOM
Nicolas Gourdou
Digital Marketing Manager
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Magma's digital solution is definitely a useful marketing tool for both our students and our candidates. Its dual functionality of matching and sponsoring candidates has been bearing fruit at Excelia since its launch last September.

Photo of Valerie Le De Excelia
Valerie Le De
Head of International Dev.
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Magma is an ideal and efficient application for referral and matching of our students with candidates. Easy to use and very engaging for students, it is a real asset for our recruitments.

Photo of Severine Durbano CEFAM
Severine Durbano
Communication Director
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Magma clearly fills a gap in our approach to referrals. Referrals are valuable and by rewarding referrals, we reward the trust our best brand ambassadors - our participants and alumni - place in us. We're really looking forward to using the new features recently developed by the Magma team in 2022, enabling applicants to connect with our alumni directly.

Photo of Hina WADHWA Ponts Business School
Hina Wadhwa
Director of Marketing & Admissions
Logo Crea Geneve Omnes png

Magma helped us identify key ambassadors for our school and then allowed them to develop their own network. The application is easy to use and offers students the opportunity to become more involved in the CREA experience.  In addition, the continuous evolution of the tool gives us the opportunity to offer a new mentoring experience to our students.

Photo of Nina Regaisse Crea geneve
Nina RegaissĂŠ
Recruitment & Admissions Manager
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Magma allows our future students to talk with our students and thus create a link. It is easier and more reassuring for the candidate to be accompanied through the application process and integration into the school.

Photo of Celine NOVATIN Digital Campus Paris
Celine Novatin
Development Manager